Sunday 21st June 2020 ~ Second Sunday after Trinity

“Whoever loses his life for my sake, will find it.” Christianity demands self-sacrifice but very rarely at the cost of our life. Most of us are called to give up our life in the daily contest to put our own interests second to the needs of others. The sword for that struggle Jesus puts into our hands rather than any false assurance of peace.


Epistle ~ Romans 6.1b-11

Gospel ~ St Matthew 10.24-39






















St Matthew 6.25-34

Rogation, as in “interrogation”, means to ask with vehemence, and reflects Jesus’ encouragement to his disciples that, following his ascension, to heaven they should still ask in his name and pray in his Spirit. Jesus promises to send the Spirit upon those who ask. By tradition today introduces three days of outdoor processions asking God’s blessing on the crops and flocks in the fields, also for tracing parish boundaries.  

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