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If you wish to speak to the Rector or one of the clergy team please use the telephone numbers given below.

If your enquiry is not immediately urgent please use the contact form below and a member of the Clergy team will respond to you by email.

If you need to contact the safeguarding officer please go to the Safeguarding page for more information.

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Home visits
Members of the Clergy team can (under normal circumstances) visit any parishioner at home or in hospital for prayer, spiritual direction and administration of the sacraments by arrangement. 



Reverend Kenneth W Clark

Stone Rectory,

Church Road, Stone, Kent  


Phone: 01322 382076


Church email address :

Associate Rector:

Anthea Harris-Faulkner

Phone: 07799 270979

Lay Reader:

Dennis Moor

Phone: 07780 970663

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