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This week, Of Your Charity, Pray For…

Prayer is an integral part of the daily life of Christians, but it can often be difficult to know how to pray or what to pray about.


Some help with daily prayer can be found through the Church of England's daily prayer 'feed'.




Prayer request?


If you would like prayers said at St Mary's for someone or something in particular just write us a brief message in the spaces below.


Your email address is needed for the request form to be sent successfully, but it will not be used unless you ask to be contacted.


Your prayer request has been received.

The Church: Dartford Deanery Synod, members from Stone Parish. The proposals for a new Deanery of Swanscombe.

At St Mary’s – Ministry to visitors to St Mary’s.

Our world and its workers: Dartford Borough Council. The Mayor, Cllr. Andy Lloyd.

Suppliers of gas, water and electricity. Those who collect and recycle the rubbish.

Our parish: Residents of Courtyard Mews, Fieldfare Lane, Northwood Drive, Siskin Drive, Stonechat Mews, The Rise, Wolsey Drive, Woodpecker Drive.

Electoral Roll – Cliff Bower, Matthew Bower

Those who are sick or in need: (please see the Rector about renewing names on this list).

Those who have died: Geoffrey Coleman, Kenneth Davies, Rosemary Hicks, Tony Ruggles,

and those whose anniversary falls this week: May O’Neill (2021), Vera Putnam (2021), Ena Ashley (2022), Pauline Kingsley-Scott (2019), Rita Chapman (2019, Timothy Gladwin (2019) & Winfred Guy (2019).

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