This week, Of Your Charity, Pray For…

Prayer is an integral part of the daily life of Christians, but it can often be difficult to know how to pray or what to pray about.


Some help with daily prayer can be found through the Church of England's daily prayer 'feed'.




Prayer request?


If you would like prayers said at St Mary's for someone or something in particular just write us a brief message in the spaces below.


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Those who are sick or in need: Sian Balsdon, Bill Brown, Cheryl Clark, Robert Clark, Lesley Grubb, Sheila Hergest, Mark Kerwin, Les Mason, Stella Rodhouse, Ken Tuffrey, Ray Wheeler & Pat Wheeler.

The Church: Andy Wooding Jones, Archdeacon of Rochester, Richard Mortimer, Area Dean of Dartford.

At St Mary’s –The Bible Fellowship group.

From the Electoral Roll – Carol Wheeler, Colin Whiskin, Joyce Wise.

Our parish: Residents of Laurence Rise, Malt Kiln Place, Wilks Road.

Our world and its workers: Parliament. Scientists, inventors, academics, researchers, explorers & enquirers.

Those who have died recently: Michele Melissa, Linda Mitchell, Ann Skrimshire, Marlene Windebank,

and those whose anniversary falls this week:  

Esther Correia (2021), George Fox (2018), Cynthia Waters (2020), Carol Stirk (2014), Georgina Hilson (2017), Peggy Wood (2016), Henry Oaten (2014) & Gary Vaughan (2020).

O Lord, we pray to thee for those whom we love but see no longer. Grant them thy peace, let light perpetual shine upon them, and in thy loving wisdom and almighty power work in them the good purpose of thy perfect will, through Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen.