Eco Church is an A Rocha UK project, run in partnership with Christian Aid, The Church of England, The Methodist Church, Tearfund, The United Reformed Church and Allchurches Trust Limited.


A Rocha UK is a charity committed to mobilising Christians to care for nature. 

Here at St Mary's a small group from the congregation has been working on the A Rocha eco church project for the last few months. It has completed the initial questionnaire to get an understanding of where we are now in terms of our current eco status, and is now addressing those areas where work needs to be done.

We will share news of our progress and hope that our work will encourage others to work with us both within the church family and across our local and wider community. 

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Our churchyard has been closed for many years with grass cutting carried out by the local council.

Part of it is maintained as a 'wild' area allowing grasses and wild plants to grow uncut through the months from March to September. It attracts a wide variety of insects and birds and provides cover for the foxes who have a den by the churchyard wall.

A new and very impressive 'bug hotel' has recently been built in the churchyard along with new bat boxes and bird boxes being installed on some of the larger trees. Our local Stone Guides have helped with this project and it was dedicated at a special service, attended by our archdeacon on 4th October 2021, St Francis' day.


At St Mary's this month .... 

Our focus in April and May is on ‘Sustainable Lifestyle’ and in particular the areas of ‘The food we eat’ and, topically our use of  ‘Energy’.

We have a new display in church illustrating these areas of focus and are encouraging  our church congregation to undertake a simple on-line lifestyle audit to calculate their carbon footprint.

Anyone can do this through either of these links:

 WWF Footprint Calculator

We are delighted to have achieved our Bronze award. A plaque was presented to us by the Bishop on Tuesday 15th February and can be seen on display in the church porch.







Caring for creation 

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle.


Did you know ...

You can reduce junk mail by contacting The Mailing Preference Service on 0845 7034 599 or you can visit their website


Reduce throw away packaging by buying one big packet rather than lots of small packets.


There is a website called Upcycle That. They provide innovative ideas on how to upcycle items. 


Street Bank is a website that connects local people and helps them give things away and share things with local people.

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Bug B & B 2.jpg

Planting for pollinators

Our old churchyard, like so many others, has many graves which have not been tended or visited by any family members for many decades.  

An 'adopt a grave' scheme is being trialled by a few members of the congregation who have selected a very old and neglected grave and started clearing out old grass and weed roots. Planting of the chosen sites with wildlife friendly plants and spring bulbs is gradually taking place and it is hoped that the scheme will encourage others to take part. 


Bat box.jpg
bird feeders.jpg

Home-made bird- feeders made by a member of the congregation are already being appreciated by the churchyard wildlife.