at St Mary's

Stay COVID-safe

Whilst restrictions are easing and it is no longer necessary to book a place in church, please remember HANDS – FACE – SPACE. On entry please ensure that you record your contact details for 'track and trace' purposes, use the hand sanitizer and wear a face covering.

You may pick your seat, but remember that the long benches are meant for either one household bubble or two individuals sitting at opposite ends. Do make room for one another. Crowding together to chat and socialise still isn’t on, and after the last hymn sung outdoors make your way home, please.

Thank you for all your co-operation with the  Coronavirus precautions.

Private prayer

Churches have permission to open to individuals wanting to come inside for private prayer, as long as social distancing and hygiene precautions are taken. On Wednesdays between 2 pm and 4 pm the church will be open and accessible should you wish to take the opportunity. Certain areas of the church will be cordoned off, although it should still be possible to sit down and to light a candle.  


Services can be followed in the regular posts from St Mary’s via the Church’s Facebook page, “St Mary’s Church, Stone-next-Dartford,” where live broadcasts of services will be available daily.

Further details are on our 'notices' page.


Under normal circumstances the programme of services in church is as follows. 

We hope to be able to return to this pattern for our worship when it is safe to do so.

Services are held daily:

   8.oo a.m    Holy Communion (if requested in advance) 


   9.00 a.m    Mattins


   5.00 p.m    Evensong

Additional Services

Family Service with Holy Communion takes place at 10 a.m on the second Sunday of the month


Families@4 - takes place at 4p.m. on the fourth Sunday of the month

Healing service with Holy Communion takes place at 10 a.m. quarterly as published (see the calendar for dates).

Holy Communion on Holy Days (eg. St Mary's Day) takes place at 7 p.m. as published (see the calendar for dates).

Sunday services:   


   9.00 a.m    Mattins      
  10.00 a.m   Holy Communion       

    5.oo p.m     Evensong

Baptism, wedding and funeral services.


Special services are held at St Mary's throughout the year for all the landmark occasions in our life.


Some special occasions can be marked during the regular daily or Sunday services, others may be arranged at separate times.  Contact the Clergy team via the contact page to discuss what might be arranged for your needs.