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Shop online and help St Mary's

St Mary's, like most other churches, is a charity maintained mostly through voluntary donations.


Helping to raise much needed funds for St Mary's church, enabling it to continue to remain open as a place of worship that everyone can visit whenever they wish or need to, as a place where families can gather for baptisms, weddings or funerals, as well as a building of beauty and historic interest, is a continuing challenge. Providing some basic modern facilities (toilets etc) for those who visit is currently a high priority and an additional financial challenge.


If you love this church will you help?


A very easy way to do this, securely, and at no extra cost to you, is to do your online shopping through the Easyfundraising site, like this-


1. Just go to the St Mary's Easyfundraising page

2. Register (the instructions are on the page)

3. Use the search box to find the retailer you want to shop from (thousands of them are available!)

4. Carry on shopping as normal and your retailer will make a donation to St Mary's. Simple!


Here is the link to useSt Mary the Virgin Church Stone-next-Dartford


Thank you.

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