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The Bells of St Mary's


In April 2011 a ring of 6 bells were installed in the tower of St Mary's and were first publicly rung on Easter Day 2011, and so returned the sound of the 'nightingales' as St Mary's original bells were described by Queen Elizabeth I.


The project to install the bells was recorded photographically on our Facebook page where they can still be viewed.


Details and the history of the bells in our bell tower can be found here.



In June 2012 - the first full peal, lasting 2hours 37minutes, was rung for the Queen's Diamond Jubilee.



A full peal attempt was rung on Friday 15th February 2013 and a short recording of part of this can be listened to here:




Bell ringers


With the arrival of a ring of bells St Mary's needed to have a trained band of bell ringers. With help from KCACR (the Kent County Association of Change Ringers)  and other local church ringers a group of novices took up the challenge and continue to add to their skills.

We ring every Sunday, for special days in the calendar, for weddings and sometimes for funerals.

We are all still learning and welcome others who would like to join us.


Interested? Come along to our Thursday evening practice from 7.30 - 9pm and see what it is all about.

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