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Nave and chancel at St Mary's
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Safeguarding – find out more and what to do if you have a concern here.

St Mary's is sometimes dubbed 'Little Westminster' and said to be one of the finest churches in Kent. It has stood as a place of regular worship and symbol of the Christian community in Stone since the 13th Century. It serves a parish that extends from the Thames to Watling Street and from Greenhithe village to the M25. 


The building, which is mentioned in many architectural and tour guides,  is a hidden surprise to the many visitors each year who come to delight in its quiet beauty from both near and far.  Known for centuries as the Lantern of Kent because of its position on the top of the hill overlooking the River Thames,  it was seen as a  sign of safe haven by sailors returning home.


It still stands as a lantern above the surrounding new development and can be seen from the Queen Elizabeth II bridge as one crosses the Thames into Kent.  Its importance as a constant feature in the landscape remains whilst the surrounding area changes. 

There is help for your daily prayers on the Church of England's website in the form of a daily 'prayer feed' which can be found here :-

Daily prayer

Worship at St Mary's

Please visit our notices page and our services page for  more information about our regular service and the special services throughout the year.  

There is also information on how to access our Facebook page and our monthly 'live feed' of worship on the first Sunday of each month.

We look forward to seeing you at St Mary's, this place of welcome, prayer, healing and peace.

A place to meet and grow in Christ through worship, quiet contemplation, sacrament and encounter.


Christ is our cornerstone. We meet in his name and for his sake.


Whatever your background or your circumstances you are welcome to join the community which brings life to this beautiful and inspiring building that has served as Stone's spiritual centre for over 700 years.


Our ancestors nicknamed St Mary's "The Lantern of Kent" and it is our aim to be a beacon of light and hope for all in need, and in Jesus' name to shine out both the justice and the love of God.




Collections in church

Our church is a charity and relies solely on donati0ns from congregations attending services and from visitors.

We are able to receive a normal cash collection in church as we usually do and we now also have use of a card reader for digital donations.

Of course covid restrictions adversely impacted our finances so if you would like to make a donation to support the work of St Mary's you can do so via our new QR code (scan with your mobile phone camera  and tap to open the donation page), or our via Just Giving page.  Many thanks to those who have already donated.

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Follow us on Facebook (St Mary's Church, Stone-next-Dartford) or on Twitter @stmarystone

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